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Eagle Theatre Course Offerings

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Introduction to Design explores the concepts and principles of Design in Theatre as well as daily life.

Students will learn Elements and Principles of Design and incorporate those elements into hands-on projects and activities.

This class will also explore how the use of objects, shape and color theory impact emotion and psychology in specific designs.

Students will participate in collaborative and individual projects, as well as semester showcases of their work. 

Technical Theatre covers design basics of set, props, costumes, makeup, masks and puppetry, lights, sound, stage management, publicity, box office, house management and Theatre History.


 In addition to design projects and assignments, students receive hands on experience as a member of the design, building and running crews for the Theatre productions.


Students may also serve as crews for outside performances and assemblies. 


This course serves as a hands-on, lab and project-based program giving the students real world experience in the elements of Technical Theatre.


This course meets the University of California Visual & Performing Arts “f” requirement.

Theatre covers a variety of elements of theatre in both performance and technical theatre and design.


Through hands on experience, performance and feedback, lecture and projects, students gain an overall appreciation of the art of acting as well as the basics of theatre.


The course is open to students in grades 9-12.

Students must complete the first semester to be eligible to continue into the second semester.


This course meets the University of California Visual & Performing Arts “f” requirement.

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Contact Ms. Benitez for audition information.
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This Honors Conservatory course is open to students through audition and instructor approval. This is a course where acting techniques are explored and deepened, technical skills are learned, and prominent movements in theatre are discussed. The class will focus on scene study and analysis, production design and implementation, voice and movement techniques such as Viewpoints and the Meisner Technique, and classical theatre including Shakespeare. Students will also learn Technical Theatre skills and earn ranks within the Theatre Guild.


Performance techniques and building one's portfolio will be a focus and each semester will have a showcase as well as outside of the school day performances throughout the year such as the English Literature Workshop and Children's Tour.


This course meets the University of California Visual & Performing Arts “f” requirement.

This NEW Course offering will allow a student to experience a variety of Visual and Performing Arts classes as shortened 9-week courses. In Theatre, students will learn aspects of both the technical and performance sides of Theatre through interactive and hands on projects.

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